ProDryingRack SD Endorsed by Paint Life

After years of working with a homemade version he called the “hanging method” Chris Berry, aka the Idaho Painter, has enthusiastically endorsed the new ProDryingRack SD from PaintLine. Chris is the force behind Paint Life TV, one of the most popular painting channels across multiple social media platforms. With over 200,000 subscribers on Youtube and 350,000 followers on other platforms including Facebook and Instagram, Chris aims to “educate, empower, and equip painters worldwide.”

“We developed our own system for vertical painting years ago” says Chris, “and this system allowed us to dramatically improve the our margins on painting kitchens.  We used to shy away from cabinet jobs before we started hanging doors to spray them, and now kitchens are one of our biggest money makers. What’s great about the PDRSD is that it addresses the problems we experienced with our homemade one.”

With the market lacking a reliable multi-functional drying rack, Chris created and used his own for a few years until recently coming across the new ProDryingRack SD. Many who have purchased the SD in the last month claims to be “a lot more durable, versatile and easily portable” than their homemade versions.

After all, we all understand the struggle it can sometimes be to find space in our workshops to place newly painted cabinets… plus, leaving newly painted cabinet doors around the workshop can catch dust and mess up your work; but how do we find a reliable space-saving solution without compromising the end results of our client’s kitchen renovation?

Once given the chance to use the ProDryingRack SD, Chris claimed to be “life changing”.  Plus, it can be assembled in less than 10 minutes and it fits up to 50 newly painted cabinet doors -- eventually, cutting the painting and drying process in half and fixing some of the problems that the homemade version lack.

In between the paint and the brushes, Chris strives to provide painting & renovation tips along with recommendations on must-have products for any person looking to improve their methods, or simply renovate their homes. My mission is to shatter the barriers of entry into painting and convince people that it can be a lot of fun painting on your own without hiring a professional painter,” says Berry.

For those who truly value speed and efficiency, whether you are a DIY or professional painter/woodworker/renovator - the ProDryingRackSD might be the product that can take you to the next level. The integrated system of the ProDryingRackSD allows for complete control for the painter. The doors are presented in a vertical fashion on a spinner assembly that allows for eighteen feet of drying line.

The ProDryingRack SD is an innovative solution to all sorts of issues that many painters face. For example, the cabinet doors hang so that they can be sprayed on all sides evenly, and the integrated system helps to save massive amounts of space with regards to job sites.

Need to transport your racks to the jobsite? No problem! The ProDryingRack SD comes with convenient ballistic nylon bags, and is easy to transport. The ProDryingRack SD is safe, can be assembled in less than 10 minutes, portable, and efficient, all in one!

“After two cabinet jobs, this system pays for itself. It might sound like a lot of money but its not,” says Chris, “this is how you do cabinets in a day and a half...”

“This is just the system that we utilize to make a whole lot of money paying cabinets, it’s very profitable for us and it can be very profitable for you.”

If there’s one product that can make painting and drying cabinet doors easier than ever, it’s this one; and we’re happy to have such a trusted source, like the Chris Berry endorsing our newest drying rack -- ProDryingRack SD.  Here at PaintLine, we know that the market is constantly evolving, which is why we are consistently coming up with innovative solutions to its new problems and challenges.

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